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Who We Are

Marketing maven Beth Wallace created Big Lens to bring the trading desk advantage of large companies and agencies to all advertisers.

The online media landscape has changed dramatically since digital marketing and advertising first went mainstream nearly 10 years ago. Traditionally, agencies bought advertising space on websites based on their content and audience composition. Inventory commitments were made before seeing results; businesses paid the same high cost per impression, or cost per thousand (CPM), regardless of effectiveness; analysis was performed by humans with spreadsheets; and optimization consisted of turning entire site-wide buys on and off. It was difficult to achieve scale, there was a lot of waste, and analysis and optimization were slow.

Today, ad exchanges and demand-side platforms (DSPs) enable advertisers to buy only the impressions that will deliver their desired results and to pay exactly what those impressions are worth. Advertisers can find their target audiences on any website, whether or not it is directly related to their product. Algorithmic optimization models work and learn in real time, and they deliver improved performance and efficiency.

In order to manage buys and real-time bids (RTBs) in this environment, however, advertisers need access to a bidding platform and optimization algorithms, as well as to expertise and knowledge of the exchanges and myriad techniques for maximizing ROI. While a number of DSPs have emerged to enable large companies and agencies to manage their RTBs, others who don't buy advertising space through agencies have effectively been cut out of this marketplace.

That's where Big Lens comes in.

Powered by MediaMath, Big Lens offers your business a full managed-services solution, including access to the RTB marketplace through a best-in-class DSP. Our team of experienced digital marketing strategists can manage your campaigns while providing you full transparency into buys, spend and websites. Our focus is on delivering your desired results, maximizing your ROI and helping you grow your business.

Big Lens is located in Reston, VA. Clients who have reaped big results with us include Neustar, AOL, Clear and Healthy Directions.

Contact Big Lens today and learn more about how our digital marketing knowledge, experience and partnership network can deliver extraordinary results for you.