We're your one-stop shop for digital marketing, from creative development, testing and SEM, to ad buying and analytics.


Strategy Development

We start by gaining a thorough understanding of your business, audiences, competitors, objectives, key metrics and challenges. Then we customize a strategic solution to deliver you the greatest success at the lowest cost. You'll never get a cookie-cutter solution from Big Lens; we tailor every digital marketing plan to our clients' specific goals and requirements, and we tweak them as needed along the way to make sure they continue to deliver desired results throughout the life of the campaign. In developing a solution for your business, we will aim to raise your brand awareness and drive user action and conversion.

Media Buying

"The TerminalOne DSP boasts excellent algorithmic optimization capabilities (including a multifaceted view of the decisioning engine's output), and its multichannel media and data access is both broad and deep."

— Forrester Research

While it used to be a straightforward process, buying advertising space on the web has become immensely complex. Not only are there countless individual web pages — Wired magazine estimates the total at more than a trillion — there are numerous variables to consider, such as your audience demographics, time of day, geographic location, ad exchanges and real-time bidding. It's no wonder digital advertising has become so tricky. Big Lens simplifies it. We have access to more than 70 billion daily global impressions — more than half of the total web impressions available — and we know how to find the customers you want.

Creative Development and Testing

Big Lens marries the art of creativity with the science of selling. We partner with top creative talent to offer you the best in creative ad design at a fraction of the price. With our partners, we create multiple ads for your target audience and thoroughly test which is most effective at converting buyers. You will often find us with our heads in the numbers, slicing the data in every direction to gain a deep understanding of buying behavior as it correlates with messaging, and identifying the creative that resonates best with your target audience.

Robust Analytics

There are countless data points in a campaign: How often are people seeing your ad? How many people are clicking on it? How many people are buying your product? Which websites work best? Which creative works best? What time of day is best? Big Lens leverages our partner MediaMath's Brain Visualization Algorithm to analyze every variable and determine the optimal combination of elements for your campaign. We provide these data to you in thorough and easy-to-understand reports, and we review these reports with you in weekly status meetings.

Social Media

Big Lens stays on top of new advertising vehicles and new tools within existing vehicles, enabling us to engage your prospects and raise your brand awareness across the latest social media channels. In addition to a content strategy driven by campaign themes, Big Lens will secure advertising space on social media sites to reach your target audience. Facebook recently announced that it will enable real-time bidding through a limited number of demand-side platforms (DSPs), one of which is MediaMath's TerminalOne. With this access, Big Lens can purchase inventory on Facebook at efficient prices and use re-marketing pixels and other third-party data for effective targeting.