We pinpoint your audience and expand your pool of prospects through contextual targeting and look-alike modeling.

Raising Brand Awareness

Audience buying leverages user interest data, demographics and other characteristics accumulated by companies like BlueKai, TargusInfo, Exelate and DataLogix. Using TerminalOne, the #1 rated demand-side platform (DSP) by MediaMath, which has integrated data from these sources, we buy access to specific audiences, such as CEOs, new moms, job seekers and countless other groups.

Contextual targeting allows us to buy advertising space on web pages that have content related to your product or service. Rather than buying across entire web sites, Big Lens can buy at the page level and place your message in closest proximity to related content and, thus, your target audience segments.

Look-alike modeling is based on the principle that your typical consumer today will resemble your typical consumer yesterday. We analyze your current and past responders to build a profile model, then search for users that look like the model. Look-alike models typically increase consumers' propensity to respond by 2–4 times, improving the efficiency of your ad buy. Again, Big Lens can cherry-pick impressions based on model score directly through the TerminalOne DSP.

If we feel that some of your target audience segments are not well represented in our programmatic platform buy, we may choose to pursue direct, guaranteed buys with select publishers. Some of these publishers have attractive, pre-negotiated rates, with inventory already flowing through TerminalOne. If no prior relationship exists, Big Lens can negotiate a direct buy and integrate that inventory into your overall campaign.