You'll never get a cookie-cutter solution from Big Lens; we tailor every solution to our clients' unique goals and requirements.

Our Approach

Big Lens combines an experienced team of direct marketing and advertising leaders with the power of a best-in-class demand-side platform (DSP) and real-time biddable (RTB) inventory via our partnership with MediaMath to buy online display advertising efficiently, globally and at scale. At Big Lens, we begin by honing in on your target audience and business objectives, valuing individual user impressions, and buying them at sharply reduced prices. We then work with you and our strategic partners to develop and test creative, communicate tailored messages to individual users, encourage users along the activation funnel, and deliver extraordinary advertising results for you.

When you work with Big Lens, you'll see big results. We are:

Strategic. At Big Lens, we see the big picture. We know that digital advertising and media buying are part of a larger marketing plan. As leaders in strategy development, our goal is to understand your biggest business challenges and objectives, over both the short and long term.

Collaborative. We don't just work for you; we work with you. We sit shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to craft and execute the right strategy, solve problems and deliver your desired results. You'll never get a cookie-cutter solution from us. In Big Lens, you'll find an experienced partner at the table armed with knowledge, insights and recommendations that are customized for your unique requirements.

Results-focused. ROI is our obsession. We're constantly monitoring campaign data to determine what's working, what's not working and — most importantly — why. If certain components of our strategy aren't meeting your expectations, we analyze the problem and tweak our strategy to get you the right results.

High touch. Ditch the conference room speakerphone. At Big Lens, we attend meetings in person. While we believe wholeheartedly in leveraging the best and latest technologies, we believe just as strongly that client communication is best when it's face to face. Strategy sessions, in-depth data analyses, creative reviews — we do it all in person, and we do it fast. We respond to most requests within 24 hours.

Remember, the team at Big Lens has been in your shoes for more than 75 years, combined. We know your marketing needs are a priority, and that's why every client and every campaign is a priority for us. Learn more about the full managed-services solution we can offer your business.